The Biggest News in Loss Prevention: January 7 – 13

We know that your week can get busy, and the time you have to catch up on the news from around the retail loss prevention industry is often stolen away by other things. That’s why the LPM team sifts through headlines from all over the country to bring only the most relevant LP news to you here, in our special weekly news round-up—the perfect bookend to a productive week.

Here’s What You May Have Missed

Shoplifter Pulls Out Store Manager’s Teeth
A 28-year-old man pulled out a supermarket manager’s front teeth in a bid to escape from a shoplifting effort in the UK. After admitting to the attack, the man was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Security Guards Are Letting People Steal Food
With rocketing energy costs, rising inflation, and stagnant wages, it hasn’t been an easy winter—a fact that’s led to an increase in shoplifting. Here, VICE interviews security guards who are turning a blind eye to retail theft.

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NYC Grocery Coalition Seeks Action on Retail Theft
A new coalition of grocery store operators based in New York City is asking state and city leaders to crack down on shoplifting. In a letter to the governor and other state leaders, the group outlined specific measures for reducing retail theft.

Why Retailers Will Continue Opening Stores This Year
Last year was one of the best years for retail real estate. In 2023, the big question is how inflation and the looming recession may impact demand and retail overall. Strong evidence indicates brick-and-mortar stores may be the key to success.

Viral TikTok Video Shows Security Tags and Lock Box Guarding $8 Mascara at Walmart
Walmart is upping its anti-theft measures amid a wave of shoplifting, and customers are noticing. One TikTok user posted a video of her shopping for mascara at Walmart, but she had a hard time getting it. The video has more than 2.4 million views.

Supreme Court Reaches Decision on New York Concealed Carry Law
The Supreme Court announced that New York’s newest restrictions on concealed carry licenses can be enforced, though challenges with the law continue. This comes after the Supreme Court reached a decision in June in favor of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

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