The Biggest News in Loss Prevention: January 14 – 20

We know that your week can get busy, and the time you have to catch up on the news from around the retail loss prevention industry is often stolen away by other things. That’s why the LPM team sifts through headlines from all over the country to bring only the most relevant LP news to you here, in our special weekly news round-up—the perfect bookend to a productive week.

Here’s What You May Have Missed

Why Everything at Walgreens Is Behind Plastic
Grasping the scope of the shoplifting problem is maddeningly difficult. The term as used by the media often lumps candy bar thieves in with cosmetics boosters, who get lumped in with large-scale robbery rings. This article dives deep into the issue of retail crime.

Stores Say Shoplifting Is a National Crisis, CNN Says the Numbers Don’t Back It Up
Videos of brazen shoplifting incidents have turned retail theft into a national issue. Companies say these incidents have led to a spike in shrink. But researchers say retailers may be blaming theft for losses when they don’t know the real cause.

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Retailers Are Upping Theft Prevention Tactics at the Expense of the Shopping Experience
Retailers’ big push towards combating in-store theft could be a step back for seamless shopping experiences. Retail theft has ballooned, and retailers are struggling to strike a balance between preventing theft and providing a smooth shopping experience.

Why Law Enforcement Should Be Retail’s Biggest Collab
Most of the disruptions and frustrations encountered by retailers are beyond their control. While the industry can’t do much about pandemics, recessions, climate change, and geopolitical conflicts, they can do something about crime.

473 Arrested or Cited During Holiday Retail Crime Taskforce
The Knox County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office said their Organized Retail Crime Holiday Taskforce arrested or cited 473 people from October through December last year. In 2021, they arrested or cited 513 people.

Former Pro Shoplifter Turns Her Problems into Profit
At one point, Tiffani Rose Peak was stealing and returning upwards of $40,000 worth of merchandise a week by utilizing baby and wedding registry schemes. After serving jail time and being diagnosed with cancer, she turned her life around by opening an online boutique.

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