The Biggest News in Loss Prevention: August 5 – 11

We know that your week can get busy, and the time you have to catch up on the news from around the retail loss prevention industry is often stolen away by other things. That’s why the LPM team sifts through headlines from all over the country to bring only the most relevant LP news to you here, in our special weekly news round-up—the perfect bookend to a productive week.

Here’s What You May Have Missed

$300K Worth of Product Stolen from Yves Saint Laurent Store
A group of thieves were captured on video fleeing a Yves Saint Laurent store in Glendale, Calif. after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. Police are saying it was a flash mob burglary involving 30-40 people who escaped in 20 separate vehicles.

Florida Officials Announce Arrests in Retail Theft Ring
The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Attorney General’s Office have announced several arrests in a retail theft crime ring which allegedly stole more than $1.4 million worth of goods from home improvement stores.

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Retailers Say ORC Is Biting into Profits, but Internal Issues May Be to Blame
CNBC is alleging that retailers who “blame ORC for lower profits could be overstating crime’s impact to cover up internal flaws or self-inflicted problems.” These internal problems include employee theft and self-checkout kiosks.

LAPD Officer Arrested after Using Stolen Debit Card at Home Improvement Store
A veteran Los Angeles police officer working in the jails has been arrested on suspicion of theft and fraud after a stolen debit card was used at a home improvement store. The debit card was reported missing after a woman had been at a facility the officer worked at.

Inflation Tempting More to Shoplift, but Canadians Say Anti-Theft Measures Go Too Far
Retailers are implementing a variety of new anti-theft measures to combat a rise in shoplifting by Canadians, but consumers have mixed feelings about the different tactics being employed, a new survey suggests.

ORC Responsible for Rising Theft Across Entire Sneaker Supply Chain
As the sneaker aftermarket continues to skyrocket, the brands behind its growth continue to face increasing levels of theft from an ever-expanding network of ORC rings. The robberies have towered across the entire supply chain, and have particularly affected Nike.

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