The Amish Are Getting Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing for Horse and Buggy

Weird Al Yankovic, the god of musical parody, once sang about living in an Amish paradise. The sad truth is even blessed pastoralism can’t protect the Amish from coronavirus. The global pandemic hasn’t spared these luxuriously bearded and traditional people. Drive-thru COVID-19 testing is finally starting in the US, despite months of delays. But what about those without a horseless carriage?

Luckily, the Amish aren’t alone. The Central Pennsylvania Clinic is working hard to make rapid testing available to all its patients. However people get around, the whole community is pitching in. You know, like a good old fashioned barn raising. The clinic even established ride-thru testing to help this unique religious sect stay safe. We explain who the Amish are and how this unique but vital community response to COVID-19 came about…  Mandatory

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