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The 2021-2022 LP Hall Solution Provider Partner of the Year

Celebrating Achievement and Excellence across the Loss Prevention Industry

The Hall exists to recognize, celebrate, and reward those in and around the retail loss prevention industry, honoring achievement and excellence across a variety of categories. It is intended to celebrate the lifetime achievements of industry leaders who have contributed so much to benefit the industry they have served.

They have cut the path for those who have followed. They are leaders of innovation, design, process, and policy. They have led an exemplary career, been a master of mentoring, and they have shared with others to help elevate professionals in loss prevention, enhancing the the industry, giving back, and paying it forward, to those who follow.

Solution Provider Partner of the Year

The Solution Provider – Partner category is intended to recognize outstanding performance by a specific individual and/or an organization. The best solution provider partners do not just understand their ROI, they know how to partner with you to help you communicate this to the business and they are there to support you, your team, and your company should any need arise.

- Digital Partner -

Watch here to learn the 2021-2022 Solution Provider Partner of the Year:

This Year’s Finalists

The 2021-2022 Finalists for the LP Hall Solution Provider Partner of the Year include:

3SI Security Systems

The impact of organized retail crime has made headlines across the nation. From California to New York, law enforcement officials and businesses have had to face the challenges that organized retail crime crews have brought to their stores and communities. Numerous stories exist about crews brazenly entering stores and scooping up merchandise with no intent of paying for the items, and with the decrease in law enforcement personnel, police departments typically do not have the resources to assign officers to highly targeted locations. Even if they did, the cost to deploy officers at stores would be exorbitant.

LP Solutions

For the last several years, the Redlands Police Department (RPD) has utilized electronic satellite pursuit technology manufactured by 3SI Security Systems to apprehend theft suspects, armed robbers, and burglars. Law enforcement has begun to turn the tables on organized retail crime crews by working with retail asset protection specialists to deploy these trackers on items that are prone to being stolen. We would not be as effective if not for the unique service that 3SI Security Systems provides enabling us to lay a trap that has repeatedly been proven to apprehend those that are intent on committing organized retail crime.

With over 350 arrests attributed to the technology, RPD has numerous success stories as to how the technology and services provided by 3SI security Systems has enabled the department to enhance police services and apprehend both violent and property crime offenders. Because of 3SI Security Systems and the services they provide, law enforcement across the nation has been able to hold a countless number of criminals accountable for the crimes they have committed. 3SI Security Systems is definitely worthy of being considered as Solution Provider Partner of the Year.

Jason Bier, CEO, Treuth

On behalf of Florida Retail Federation’s 2,500 retail members, and the Florida Organized Retail Crime Exchange (FORCE), I would like to nominate Jason Bier, CEO of Treuth for The Hall’s Solution Provider Partner of the Year Award.

- Digital Partner -

Treuth’s sophisticated platform serves as a collaborative communications system that indexes incident reports in real time. The technology allows continuous communication and promotes secure intelligence sharing between its network of retailers and law enforcement spanning the state. Treuth has proven effective at removing criminal anonymity and aiding in investigations through the visibility provided to its network of users.

In working with Jason there is no question that he is personally committed to delivering upon Treuth’s mission-to help streamline agile communications and intelligence to service the loss prevention industry and law enforcement. In addition to the services provided on a complimentary basis to ORCAs, Treuth also has a very compelling social mission. Treuth provides its software to help missing and exploited children, uses its technology to confront violence against women and children, and expands the use of free technology that helps alert the public during natural disasters, crimes, and terror.

Jason has been an outstanding partner in building the foundation of FORCE. In an industry where communication, collaboration, and partnerships are key, Jason has worked tirelessly with stakeholders to streamline services and deliver the best experience to our users. His willingness to go above and beyond in the innovation of the Treuth technology has contributed heavily to the early success of FORCE.

Jason is an exemplary partner to our organization and many others. He is passionate about the service he provides, and his contributions have paved the way for a promising future for the Florida Organized Retail Crime Exchange.


• ThinkLP never says no when we pitch an idea, instead they find ways to make it work, repurpose features, and release updates that give us the functionality we need to tie together critical business elements including case management, PO preparation and tracking, project and change management, client management, and personnel screening.
• Our account managers and developers, although not dedicated to us, are always available on short notice, go out of their way to give us top notch service, and ensure that problems are solved before moving on.
• ThinkLP works with its clients to build their business capabilities, but also their own platform. It makes customers feel like more than just another account, but that we are truly collaborative and that this is not a vendor/client relationship, but a partnership. ”
• The partners at ThinkLP are always quick to assist, very detail oriented with responses, and they have never given off the impression of importance, or lack thereof, if I am experiencing any issue and look to them for help. As a partner in the forever-changing world of Loss Prevention, they are a shining example of professionalism and how amazing partnerships should be.
• The team at THINKLP has been a key driver of improvements in our case management tools that have not only brought efficiency and endless data points to leverage in helping to guide our strategic planning but has yielded a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our field users on the simplicity and gains found.
• ThinkLP has been a great partner during the 2 years I have used them as my incident reporting platform. Their customer service is world class. They are very quick to respond to your needs and find solutions for them.
• Since moving to Think LP we have changed the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we manage and view risk across the group, especially in loss prevention. Whether this is real time updates of incidents, highly customizable notifications & functions through the process builder so we can focus on what is important and get the information we need to the right people.
• I have worked with many different software companies during my professional career. ThinkLP has been by far the best company I have worked with. They are not only responsive and timely but solution oriented. They are continually thinking of creative solutions to any request I have. They will do something for me, provide instructions on how I can do it myself or walk me through it on a video call. I have been able to adapt the system to fit our expanding needs even branching into new areas for TLP.

Tracy Nini – West Coast Recruiting

Tracy takes the time to get to know her people and what makes them unique. Over the last 30 years Tracy has taken the industry by storm by creating an atmosphere that has people as its foundation. Tracy carefully balances the needs of the business with the role and the person to make sure that she is only putting people in front of the right person for the role. While everyone was challenged over the last 2 years to re-invent themselves, contract recruiters were even more challenged with an unknown future. When the hiring started, and people were looking for talent they knew exactly where to go. Tracy has helped countless people, whether she got paid or not, because at the end of the day she is a people first leader that knows what’s best for her clients and her customers.

For 32 years, Tracy has been building and leveraging her network of Loss Prevention Professionals. And, during this pandemic period has been a lifeline for those in the industry seeking employment or contemplating a career change. In a time when others were not returning phone calls, Tracy was providing support and motivation for us to keep going in our search. For those looking for a candidate to fill a role, she is vetting the right person for the role and making their vital selection decision easier by ensuring the candidate that she presents has the skills, experience, knowledge and temperament to be an ideal fit. Surrounding yourself with the best talent is one of the most important decisions a leader can make, and Tracy makes that decision more efficient and effective. We have a tendency to focus on hardware or software solution partners when we think about adding value. However, there is not better value add than the assistance with our most important asset…. people. For that reason, I am nominating Tracy Nini.

Tracy is a major contributor to many of our industry organizations and a voice for its female professionals as illustrated by her involvement in several industry leader groups and participation in a variety of industry webinars and podcasts.

Tracy is an industry icon with whom many of us, at least in part, can credit part of our success as she has helped to guide us as we navigate our career path. She has always been a trusted resource to help us build our teams as well. This would be an honor long past due as Tracy is not only the best Solution Provider Partner of THE Year, she is THE BEST solution provider partner EVERY Year!


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