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Does Retail Asset Protection Have an Image Problem in Communities?

With the incredible depth and breadth of the responsibilities that come under the industry's umbrella, it is unfortunate that the public has little understanding of all the industry does to protect the community far beyond catching shoplifters. [Sponsored]
goodwill loss prevention

Mission Driven

After a long career in loss prevention, including twenty-six years at Best Buy, Paul Stone, CFE, LPC, is now experiencing unparalleled results. Tempted out...
why do people steal

Why Do People Steal… And Does It Matter?

Why do people steal? LP looks at the opioid crisis as a driving motivator of theft and considers the many angles and approaches to the issue.

Stepping Outside of What’s Considered Safe

Recently we discussed developing a culture of innovation and how the power of open minds can lead to the greatest and most productive results—both...

Facing Crises

Following are a few article summaries that can provide you with a small taste of the original content available to you every day through...

Verkada: LP and IT Now Love Working Together, Thanks to Verkada — Booth 1521

Verkada's all-in-one video security platform reduces complexity and costs for IT, and offers powerful new capabilities for retail asset protection leaders. Stop by Booth 1521 at NRF PROTECT for a live demo.
innovation and entrepreneurship

RILA’s Shark Tank: A Different Approach to Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Retail

In the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, this event (styled after the popular TV show) gives retailers a chance to collaborate on the evaluation of startup companies in the retail space.

5 Takeaways from the 2018 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference

As the 2018 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference drew to a close, LPM staff put together a few thoughts coming out of this year’s event.

Day 1 of the 2018 RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference

The retail industry received a warm welcome from sunny Orlando, FL, on Monday as the Retail Industry Leaders Association kicked off the 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference.
manufacturer to retailer

Security at the Source

Manufacturer involvement in designing product protection is decades old, noted University of Florida research scientist Read Hayes, PhD, CPP. He remembers Walt Disney's Buena...

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