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2017 LP Magazine/RILA LPLC/Loss Prevention Foundation Meeting Recap

Nashville, TN, has long been known as a city of opportunity for countless singers and songwriters looking to make their mark on the music...
Loss Prevention Equipment, video surveillance laws, ORC methods

Fight ORC Methods with a Solid Strategy

How many retailers think or know they have an organized retail crime (ORC) problem? Even of those that say they do, how many can...
Setting the Stage for an Organized Retail Crime Strategy 2

Building an Organized Retail Crime Team

Editor's Note: Organized retail crime remains an ongoing challenge for loss prevention programs across the country. The following article excerpt provides a historical account on...

Organized Retail Crime Training Strategies for Your Team

Petty thieves can be a problem, but they can usually be managed with a capable loss prevention team. However, when the criminals get more...

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