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Interview and Interrogation Training: Seeking Feedback

Often, experienced and confident interviewers tend to ask for less feedback over time. The more interviews they have conducted, the less feedback they request. That's a dangerous combination.
wicklander-zulawski training

What Happens after Wicklander-Zulawski Training?

A lot of those called on to evaluate interviewers within an organization are long removed from the field, and their initial training in interviewing is probably dated. So are they reinforcing the class’s learning objectives?

Interview and Interrogation Training: Have You Evolved—Implicit Promises

Interviewers often make an implicit promise or suggestion of leniency, without actually realizing what they're saying. Think about the risks that come along with your go-to lines or phrases.

Interview and Interrogation Training: Have You Evolved—Change of Perspective

Simply put, change of perspective is to allow the subject to see the situation from a decision-maker's point of view. Even though somebody has done something wrong, there are still two different ways to handle that situation: talk about it, or continue to lie about that happening.

Interview and Interrogation Training: Have You Evolved—Rationalization

Rationalizing and allowing a subject to save face is a very powerful tool. We want to make sure we're doing it the right way. My challenge to you is: have you evolved in the way you deliver and understand the risks and importance of rationalizing with your subjects?

Interview and Interrogation Training: Avoid Becoming a Human Lie Detector

The commonly used phrase "human lie detector" is a worrisome phrase. It's worrisome when people think they can identify truth or deception simply based off somebody brushing lint off their shoulder.
interview and interrogation training

Interview and Interrogation Training: Use of Props

If a subject sees a stack of CDs or flash drives, that might cause them to ask you, "Hey, what's on those? Can I see those?" We prefer to not release evidence to the subject in an effort to help substantiate a confession and make sure the admission can be preserved.
interview and interrogation training

Interview and Interrogation Training: Identifying the Appropriate Rationalization

When we rationalize with a subject, what we do is allow the subject to save face. We show understanding by realizing that sometimes good people make bad decisions because of outside pressures.
interview and interrogation training

Interview and Interrogation Training: Harassment Investigations

In this week’s International Association of Interviewers interview and interrogation training tip provided by Wicklander-Zulawski, Dave Thompson, CFI wants to talk about the importance...

A New LINK between Technology and Interview and Interrogation Training

To really consider yourself a professional and a craftsman at any skill, practice is a must. We benefit from practice by applying knowledge through...
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