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Tag: COVID-19

The Ever-Growing Omnipresence of Retail RFID

We are closer than ever to making RFID one of the key standards to address inventory visibility, whose importance was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Confronting Safety and Security Risks in Transitional Times

Safety and security incidents that can damage a retailer’s reputation and dampen profits often result from change that outpaces the implementation of controls.

So What Are the New COVID-19 Guidelines, Exactly—and What About Monkeypox?

While the CDC may be recommending that precautions around COVID-19 start winding down, a new virus has emerged: Monkeypox.

Retailers Are Dabbling in Drone Delivery

Retailers are increasingly adopting autonomous last-mile delivery as a smart logistics service to lower delivery costs and increase productivity.

How the Pandemic Changed Consumers’ Food Safety Priorities

As pandemic restrictions ease, the retail world is starting to feel back to normal. But for essential retailers like grocers, there are lingering questions and concerns about what consumers want in terms of health and safety.
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COVID-19, Omicron, and Pandemic Response: What’s Next for Retail?

After nearly two years of pandemic-related lockdowns, social distancing, masking, and vaccines, the COVID-19 pandemic still looms large.

Retail Security and the Industry’s Labor Challenge Go Hand-in-hand

Recent disturbing incidents of store violence underscore the pressing need for society to do more to protect retail associates from harm at work.
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Why Loss Prevention Is More Important Than Ever

The challenges retailers and communities have faced when it comes to crime have grown in scale and complexity over the past two years.

Brazen Retail Theft: What Can be Done About It?

It used to be that Organized Retail Crime boosters tried to be subtle about their larceny. Today, many don’t even try to hide their crimes.

Plan a Safe Return to the Workplace

Business leaders are challenged with how to support new working models and protect employees in response to COVID-19. With employees slowly returning to the job site and travel, the pandemic continues to present ever-evolving conditions.
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