System-on-Chip Explained

The heart and the brain of every Axis product is its system-on-chip (SoC). Most Axis products feature ARTPEC SoC developed in-house to perfectly match the requirements of professional video surveillance. However, to ensure a wide range of highly competitive products, they also use selected SoCs from trusted external suppliers.

Deep insight with ARTPEC-8

Like all its predecessors, the SIA award winning ARTPEC-8 SoC is designed in-house by Axis specifically for network video. It powers formidable analytics applications based on deep learning on the edge such as AXIS Object Analytics. ARTPEC-8 also opens the door to other analytics based on deep learning on the edge, including tailor-made applications from partners. In addition, ARTPEC-8 enables an array of remarkable capabilities and features first seen with the implementation of ARTPEC-7. These include superior imaging, enhanced cybersecurity, powerful compression, and impressive analytics on the edge.

Why Axis Develops Its Own SoC In-House

Axis is one of just a few device manufacturers developing proprietary SoCs in-house. Axis SoCs are a vital component of its best-in-class camera and encoder platforms because they provide the basis for essential capabilities like image quality, analytics features, and coding performance. Axis SoCs are made for professional video surveillance, allowing the company to drive innovation in the best direction for its market. In addition, Axis retains complete control of the SoC production process, which is very good from a trust and cybersecurity perspective.

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The Benefits of Third-Party SoCs

Axis uses ARTPEC SoCs in most of the products in its portfolio. But because a single SoC can’t be optimized for every possible capability, they also use selected SoCs from a few carefully chosen external suppliers. This gives them the flexibility to provide a more comprehensive range of competitive products with a wide variety of features.  And every Axis product, regardless of SoC, is based on the Axis operating system.


Axis built ARTPEC-7 to facilitate an array of then-new capabilities and features in Axis network cameras. Notably, it became the basis for improvements to all the signature Axis technologies for difficult light conditions including Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR. ARTPEC-7 also enables built-in cybersecurity features in Axis cameras including signed firmware and secure boot. ARTPEC-7 features a real-time object detection engine that makes it possible for Axis and Axis partners to develop powerful analytics to automatically detect and differentiate between people, vehicles, and objects. The capabilities and features continue to be supported by the latest ARTPEC SoC.

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