Sysrepublic Achieves Transaction Processing Milestone

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Sysrepublic, Inc., a leading developer of analytic software for the retail industry, announced today they are processing over 23 billion retail transactions and over 550 million refund transactions, annually. The company projects those numbers will exceed 25 billion and 600 million, respectively, by the end of 2015.

“We are proud to be trusted by retail organizations of all sizes in the collection of their transaction data,” said Chris D’Amore, global sales director for Sysrepublic. “By offering software and services that provide them with a holistic view of their operations, we enable these companies to streamline their operations and enhance their own profitability.”

Sysrepublic’s suite of software data analytics platforms enable retail organizations to capture millions of data points from all aspects of their retail process.

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About Sysrepublic, Inc.
Sysrepublic was founded in 2002, by a combination of IT data analytic and retail experts, and is one of the world’s leading retail data analytics companies. Focusing on all aspects of retail operations, Sysrepublic data analytics solutions help retailers maximize profits and reduce loss. Use of the industry’s most powerful query engine, and a proprietary retail database structure, allow insight and analysis of retail data that has rarely been available to users in the past. Sysrepublic solutions focus on point-of-sale, supply, inventory, finance, pharmacy, returns, and human resources data to provide a comprehensive analytical view of user actions and process inefficiencies causing loss within the retail environment. The company has offices in Los Angeles, London and Warsaw. Learn more at

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