Suspects Charged for Stealing $11K in Baby Formula and Red Bull

Three Maryland people have been charged with stealing $11,000 of baby formula from a number of Giant grocery stores in Pennsylvania.

Police allege that individuals, Mark A. Rodgers, Samantha Slicer and April M. Rhoades concealed Similac baby formula with other items, like dog food, soda, and Red Bull, in order to steal it. The alleged thefts took place in five different Giant food stores over the past few months, one in Dauphin County and five in Lancaster County, police say.

In a Giant store, Similac baby formula retails for roughly $1.50 per ounce and $20 for a 12 ounce can. Similac is one of the most sort-after brands, and it’s commonly used at US hospitals. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic there was a shortage of baby formula in some retail outlets, due to people panic buying. This in turn increased the price of the product online and the black market…  Newsweek

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