Suspect Sprays Mace on LP Associate

A man accused of shoplifting allegedly sprayed a Walmart loss prevention officer with mace while running from the store Monday. Tony Jason Wilcox, 37, of Estill Springs was arrested when a vehicle in which he was a passenger was stopped on Madison Street moments later.

Wilcox allegedly attempted to shoplift a radar detector, portable light, tool box, bucket and food, with a total value of $225.92. The loss prevention officer said he watched Wilcox place several small items into larger containers and bypass them while scanning several items at checkout.

All items were recovered by the loss prevention officer. Wilcox allegedly refused to enter the loss prevention office and sprayed the pursuing officer while running to an awaiting moving car. The mace didn’t stop the loss prevention officer, who was able to describe the car later spotted by a Bedford County deputy. Wilcox was charged with assault and shoplifting (theft involving merchandise) and held on $6,500 bond…  Times-Gazette

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