Suspect Killed in Crash after Fleeing Shoplift Attempt

A Missouri man was killed and three others were injured after a police pursuit ended in a crash Saturday night. St Louis County Police said two people tried to steal multiple items from Menards on St. Charles Rock Road. When the suspects were approached by loss prevention associates, one of them took out a gun and threatened to shoot and fled the store.

Police saw the suspects driving down the road in a red Cavalier and attempted to stop them. Police followed them for about 30 seconds when the car crashed into another car at Lynntown Drive. The driver of the Cavalier, a man, was killed in the crash. The passengers, a man and a woman, were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. The driver of the car that was hit by the suspects, a man, was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. Police are working to identify the suspects.   [Source: KSDK5 News]

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