Suspect Allegedly Trying to Rob Retailer also Charged with Violating Stay at Home Order

shoplifting handcuffs

The Austin Police Department says that a man trying to rob a Home Depot store on Wednesday is also facing a charge for violating Travis County’s stay at home order.

According to an affidavit, 46-year-old Taj Buchanan and a woman, identified at 41-year-old April Miller, were seen at the Home Depot store in Bee Cave attempting to remove anti-theft devices from items in the store.

Police were notified, and when an officer arrived Buchanan and Miller were seen exiting the store at a “brisk pace” with the loss prevention officer following them. Court documents state that the officer activated his lights and ordered Buchanan and Miller to stop. As the officer was handcuffing Buchanan, Miller walked away. She was then seen leaving the parking lot in a vehicle driven by a man identified as Cary Fowler…  CBS Austin News

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