Suspect, 19, Accused of Viciously Biting Store Clerk’s Face

A man in Taunton, Massachusetts, has been accused of biting a chunk out of the face of a convenience store clerk who was trying to stop him from shoplifting. Joel Davila, 19, appeared in Taunton District Court on Tuesday afternoon.

The report states store video shows the clerk put his arm up to block Davila, when Davila bit his arm, the clerk punched back, and Davila bit his face. “Officers did see a missing piece of flesh from the store clerk’s eye,” prosecutor Kristen Sylvia told the judge in court. “They began to look for the piece of flesh, there was a significant chunk missing.

The defendant indicated, ‘I think I ate it. You can look in my stomach and check.'” A judge ordered him held without bail and to undergo a mental health evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital… NBC10 News

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