STANLEY: Help Solve the Missing Video Evidence Problem with IntelAssure — Booth 407

STANLEY Security has recently introduced STANLEY IntelAssure™, powered by Viakoo, the first and only service assurance software solution for physical security systems on the market today that uses automation to continuously detect and diagnose problems and recommend solutions. This new software solution for video and other physical security systems helps solve the problems of downtime and missing video evidence while also addressing cyber hygiene and audit compliance needs.

Because no other end-to-end diagnostic software solutions exist which automatically detect, diagnose and alert across complex security systems, identification of problems can often be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. STANLEY IntelAssure detects and tracks issues across IP security infrastructure and presents both problems and solutions on a user-friendly dashboard—either through a browser interface or mobile app. When a failure, potential failure or vulnerability is detected, the solution automatically sends an alert with the component, location, problem, event time, severity and solution to specific administrators. Organizations have instant visibility to both problems and solutions across their complex physical security systems, allowing issues to be fixed immediately, rather than days or weeks after a security event occurs. The automated detection, alerting and fix-it recommendation allows users to maximize their system’s uptime while eliminating up to 80 percent of time and labor cost associated with detection and diagnosis of video system issues.

“Due to the complexity of video surveillance systems, many companies experience downtime without knowing there is a problem. Often, that realization comes only after a security incident happens and video evidence is missing,” said Brad McMullen, vice president, marketing and product solutions, STANLEY Security. “With our solution, detection is near real-time, allowing organizations to quickly and cost-effectively ensure maximum service uptime.”

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STANLEY IntelAssure provides an automated approach to audit compliance tracking with detailed system documentation and performance tracking. To keep healthcare facilities, financial institutions, educational campuses, retail stores and other enterprises running safely and efficiently, this solution will also routinely identify conditions that could expose a security system to cyber-attack, which could include out-of-date firmware, undocumented devices and default or weak passwords. This leading automation solution improves system uptime, and documents exactly what components and processes are running on the network and how each are performing. Detailed system documentation is now real-time with quality of service measurements, both current and historical.

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