STANLEY Guard Personal Safety for Store Associates and Executives

Safety of executives and store associates is a leading priority for any retail security, loss prevention, or human resource team. Wherever employees go, STANLEY Guard allows them to carry personal safety duress protection, so they can quickly request help in the event of an emergency and document events through their mobile device or wearable alert button.

Help protect and provide peace of mind to your associates. STANLEY Guard is perfect for:

  • Traveling executives
  • Lone workers opening/closing stores
  • Home delivery and service associates
  • Distribution center and warehouse employees
  • Store associates in high-crime areas

The comprehensive personal safety solution provides:

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Employee Personal Safety

  • Executives or store employees shake phone or pressing a wearable panic button to request assistance
  • App records audio/video clips instantly and stores in the cloud
  • Audio/video clips, GPS location, and profile are sent to your command center or to STANLEY for response

Incident Monitoring and Dispatch

  • Cloud-hosted command center receives the alert including the user’s profile, video/audio clips, and GPS location.
  • Alerts are received by your internal security operations center (SOC) or STANLEY’s monitoring centers
  • Alerts are reviewed and officers or emergency responders are dispatched

Officer or Guard Response

  • Your SOC can quickly and intelligently dispatch your security officers or guards through a mobile app based on their location or individual skill sets
  • Responders receive audio/video clips, GPS location and routing, and user’s profile on their mobile app
  • Security Response app allows for evidence capturing and requests for back-up

Security Response by STANLEY’s Monitoring Center – Coming Soon

  • STANLEY Security’s monitoring center receives personal safety alerts, verifies the incident in process, and dispatches authorities to respond to the emergency
  • Your employees now have the backing of our trained monitoring specialists in our 24/7 monitoring center
  • No need for internal dedicated monitoring staff for a complete personal safety solution

Incident Documentation

  • Use personal safety app to document events in real-time
  • When activated, app automatically begins recording and sending a series of 10-second audio/video clips to the cloud – phone storage not required
  • Event evidence is documented in the event of an investigation

Suspicious Activity Reporting – See Something, Say Something

  • Anonymously report witnessed incidents through the app such as suspicious activity, theft, a slip and fall, assault, or vandalism
  • Users report incidents by providing a photo of the situation or a short description
  • Associates become active participants in creating a safer retail and work environment

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