Spur Tag: Damage-Free Boot Protection

The Spur Tag’s innovative design wrangles boot shrink without damaging the product, and allows the customer to try on the boot free of obstruction. The 3-alarm design utilizes a ratcheting cable and proximity sensor for security that is just as tough as the boots being protected. The tag:

  • Secures the boot without damage.
  • Includes AM, RF and/or RFID.
  • Features custom colors, branding and messaging.
  • Alarms when stolen, tampered with or removed.
  • Enables quick and easy application and removal.

The easy-to-use ratcheting cable keeps labor costs low and ensures a quick return on investment. Additionally, the external location of the device avoids any impact on the customer experience, allowing them to try on the boot free of any nuisance caused by traditionally applied tags.

Reach out today. There is no challenge too large, small or unique for our team. Your custom solution can be designed, tested and deployed in as little as 3-6 months.

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