Spotlighting Loss Prevention Certified Professionals

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) is a leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals by providing relevant, convenient, and challenging educational resources. Here are comments from several individuals who have earned their certification.

“The Loss Prevention Foundation course materials and subsequent LPC certification are vital for any loss prevention executive who is seeking a robust program that tests their skill sets and challenges your critical thinking. I highly recommend it for those who are looking to lead and facilitate LP programs and initiatives. This program and certification are what you need to be a step above the rest.” – Edmundo Velazquez, LPC

“For years I have contemplated getting my loss prevention certification from the LPF. I am happy that I finally took the time to invest in my development and strengthen my knowledge of LP. I know that with the knowledge I gained, I am one step closer to achieving my LP career goals. I recommend to anyone looking to grow in their LP roles and careers to take this course. The knowledge gained from this coursework will challenge you to think at a higher scope. The LPCertified course goes beyond just teaching you about internals, externals, and shortage. It demonstrates to you how to be a better peer, LP business owner, and leader.” – Omar Couceiro, LPC

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“My experience within this program taught me a lot regarding different LP procedures and allowed me to see how extensive the field of loss prevention is. I had prior experience working in the fraud department at Fifth Third Bank, but what I learned while gaining my certification is unmatched. I was able to learn about the different LP jobs and their duties as well as how the loss prevention and asset protection department as a whole has evolved. I wouldn’t hesitate to share with others the opportunities taking this program provides.” – Kyrah Matthews, LPQ

“After twenty-five years in restaurant loss prevention, I am amazed at all the valuable information I gained from taking this course. Seeking to expand my knowledge, and with a desire to have a deeper understanding of loss prevention within different industries, the LPC course exceeded all expectations. Not only were the topics intriguing and comprehensive, but learning leadership and business principles added a holistic approach to loss prevention. I am looking forward to sharing my insights with my clients.” – Whitney Plemons, LPC, CFI

“The LPQualified coursework was really user friendly and easy to understand and the practice tests helped prep me on what to expect. The communication from when I completed the course to when I scheduled my exam was very easy, and I was able to schedule my test for the same day. I have noticed that I am getting more respect in the field since I have taken this course.” – Will Simon, LPQ

“I wish I had taken the LPQualifed course within my first few months of gaining the loss prevention position I am currently in. The material you learn from this course is information you will be expected to be knowledgeable in and will allow you to be productive in an upper LP role for any company. This training course definitely filled in some holes I had in my portfolio.” – Jake Burch, LPQ

“The LPCertified course was a well-thought-out collaboration of content that supports a loss prevention professional’s growth and future in the industry. It helps bridge information or standard work one may not support in their current role. The six courses allow the LP professional to learn about the different terminology along with how to utilize it in their job.” – Chris Knobbe, LPC

“The LPCertified courses are pertinent to the world today and give very useful information that can be used immediately. I believe that every loss prevention professional should always be learning, and this is an excellent course to learn valuable information from other LP professionals. I recommend adding the knowledge learned from these courses to your toolbox—it will set you apart from others in the business.” – David Meade, LPC

The LPF is dedicated to elevating the industry through its accredited LPQualified and LPCertified courses. Learn more about obtaining your LPC or LPQ certification today at

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