Sophisticated Credit Card Scam is Targeting Online Shoppers

As many consumers shift to more online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, scammers are putting a new twist on an old scam to cheat you out of money.

According to the Better Business Bureau for years scammers have used a small device on ATM’s, gas pumps or credit card machines to collect your credit card information, known as “skimming.”

Now a new form of this technology called “e-skimming” steals your credit card data when you are shopping online. Cyber-criminals are hacking into a business’s online server and installing malware that can harvest your personal information at check-out.

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Once you type in your credit card information and your billing address the e-skimmer captures your information leaving you vulnerable to credit card fraud. According to the BBB you won’t be aware your information was stolen until the company discovers the breach and alerts its customers…  NB26 News

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