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Solution providers offer a wide spectrum of mission-critical products and services designed to help meet the rising demands of the asset protection function and the retail business in general. We use these resources to increase efficiencies, improve performance, enhance productivity, support safety, lower costs, and discourage theft.

By the same respect, our vendors can offer much more than simply providing mission-critical products and services. They have become an extension of our team and partners in the success of our department, our program and our company. They work with us to find solutions to both the simple and complex challenges we face on a daily basis. These relationships have become an essential factor in the success of today’s loss prevention programs, and it is more important than ever that we effectively manage all aspects of our vendor relationships—from selecting the right vendor to achieving optimal results that best meet our business objectives.

siffron specializes in the visual presentation of merchandise, a critical component in how shoppers evaluate and ultimately make purchasing decisions. Retailers and brand manufacturers look to siffron to create and supply solutions to current retail challenges. This includes everything from increasing merchandising space, product turns, and brand recognition to reducing theft, spoilage, and labor costs.

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siffron’s goal is to identify and implement the perfect solution to help customers increase sales and profit margins. The company’s global footprint, coupled with local partner response times, allows them to work as a seamless extension of your operations. siffron’s expertise and experience provide the flexibility and scalability you need to adapt to your changing environment. The retail industry continues to evolve, and siffron remains a trusted partner to top brands and retailers around the globe for their retail display solutions.

Founded in 2017, siffron was formed by joining two industry leaders: Southern Imperial and FFR Merchandising. By bringing together the best practices of both companies, siffron provides customers over 100 years of combined experience serving the retail industry, along with a commitment to becoming operationally excellent and providing world-class solutions and value to our customers.

With a dedicated team of designers and engineers for custom solution development, siffron offers a vast selection of over 6,000 stock display and fixture solutions. The company is heavily focused on implementing customer-centric best practices throughout every functional area, which allows siffron to deliver a value proposition others will find difficult to match. siffron aims to strengthen business partnerships by offering innovative merchandising options as well as custom, needs-based solutions. The company goal is to be a best-in-class supplier to our customers.

Many loss prevention products on the market today keep high-theft merchandise under lock and key, which can decrease sales by as much as 38 percent. With the LM Tag™, an Intelligent Loss Prevention solution, items are not locked up or stored behind a counter. Instead, customers can interact with products, eliminating the need for additional staff assistance.

The LM Tag uses the combination of a light sensor and motion detector to notify when the product is both in motion and concealed. The LM Tag alarms at the point of theft, making it the only device on the market that can alert you before product walks out the door.

To see how it works, check out the video.

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The global reach of the retail world drives us to stay current in all aspects of the business. It takes a diverse and collective effort to accomplish our goals and objectives, expanding our knowledge and our resources when necessary in order to accomplish critical tasks and improve results. We must carry the ability to continually upgrade our knowledge and skill sets, building a professional plan that drives us forward to meet the changing needs of our current position—and the one after that.

We encourage you to take the steps to learn more about our solution provider partners and improve your awareness regarding the products and services available to support the loss prevention industry. The time spent reviewing these brief summaries can add new perspective to the products and services that help shape our industry, and long-term value to your career development.

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