Solution Provider Helps US Lawmakers Draft Facial Recognition Privacy Regulations

FaceFirst revealed it is working closely with US lawmakers on facial biometrics privacy regulations, and to help the bipartisan Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act of 2019 (S. 847) move forward. Company executives including FaceFirst President and CEO Peter Trepp recently meet with bill co-sponsor Senator Roy Blunt’s office to address the importance of consumer privacy in an ecosystem where users can still take advantage of the opportunities the technology has to offer.

“While we’re seeing rapid market adoption of facial recognition technology, there remain valid concerns that this technology needs to be regulated and used responsibly,” said FaceFirst President and CEO Peter Trepp. “Regulations are necessary guardrails for protecting privacy, but it’s essential that they don’t unduly compromise public safety or stifle innovation.”

“Congressional lawmakers see and understand that retailers need facial recognition technology to combat organized retail crime, shoplifter recidivism, and to keep their employees and customers safe,” stated FaceFirst Chief Revenue Officer Dara Riordan. Due to high levels of recidivism, ORC costs the U.S. retail industry $46.8 billion every year according to the National Retail Federation. Facial recognition has become a popular technology widely deployed in… Biometric Update

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