Shoplifting Suspect Claims She Has a Gun; Gets Shocked

A Walmart shoplifting suspect was taken to the hospital Monday morning after she told police she had a gun, refused to obey their commands and they used a stun gun on her.

A Thatcher police officer was looking for a suspected shoplifter when he came across her at the entrance to the nearby Walgreens, according to a Safford Police news release.

The woman told the officer she had a gun and would not take her hand out of her purse. She also refused to leave the entrance of the store “endangering the customers and employees,” the release said.

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Officers used a stun gun on the woman and she fell to the ground. Safford Police Chief Glen Orr said the suspect was taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center. He did not yet know if she had a gun or what she was accused of stealing. At least a dozen law enforcement officers from around the area responded to the scene during the incident…  Eastern Arizona Courier


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