Shoplifting Suspect Charged with Shooting Up Fashion Store

An Ohio shooting suspect was caught after a victim caught in the gunfire snapped a photo on his cell phone. “That type of information was extremely valuable,” said Whitehall Police Sgt. John Grebb. “It led us within the next couple of minutes to the suspect’s location.” Jamison Spence Sr., 38, is now charged with shooting up Hi Level Fashions on Main Street Monday night, after witnesses say he was stopped at the door trying to shoplift clothes. “He said O.K. I am going to be back in five minutes and kill you guys,” said Jaber, an employee who works at the Whitehall store. Minutes later Jaber said Spence returned and began firing into the business from the sidewalk, shooting at Jaber’s brother and a friend. “They didn’t expect he was going to shoot at them, he was so crazy,” said Jaber. According to Whitehall Police reports, that’s when Nafez Khraiwesh pulled out a gun and began firing back at Spence.

“We definitely never encourage anyone to take the law into their own hands,” said Whitehall Police Sgt. John Grebb “In this case they were defending themselves.”
No one was injured in the gunfire. Police say they were able to locate the suspect within a matter of minutes after Khraiwesh provided them a cell phone picture he snapped of the suspect. “They did a good job, a smart job,” said Jaber. Spence is now locked up on $750,000 bond and is charged with attempted murder and aggravated robbery. [Source: ABC6 OnYourSide]

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