Shoplifter with Outstanding Warrants Fights with LP And Police

On Sunday, October 25th just before 8 PM, police were dispatched to a shoplifting call at the Super Saver at 2662 Cornhusker. When the officer arrived, they met 27 year old Alexander Vanosdol who was in the loss prevention office of the store.

Vanosdol became upset when he saw the officer and became aggressive. Employees told the officer that Vanosdol selected items and concealed them before attempting to leave the store without paying for them. Due to Vanosdol’s aggressive behavior he was told he was going to be put in handcuffs and he immediately began resisting the officer. Vanosdol then ran at the Super Saver employee, pushing him into a desk, and causing him to fall to the ground. The officer told Vanosdol several times to stop but he continued to struggle and get away. Vanosdol then started swinging his fists at employees.

The officer used a taser to end the assault but it had no effect. Vanosdol then ran from the store into the parking lot. The officer caught up with Vanosdol and took him to the ground. They struggled until other officers arrived to assist.

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Vanosdol was arrested for Resist Arrest, 2nd subsequent offense, Obstructing a Police Officer, Theft by Shoplifting, 2nd subsequent offense and 3rd Degree Assault.

Vanosdol was also arrested for six outstanding warrants and a Theft by Shoplifting and Trespassing charges from Menards on June 18th of this year. Minor injuries were reported for all involved…  KLIN News

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