Shoplifter Walks out of Store with Four Air Conditioners; Believed to Be Repeat Offender

Although shoplifters have many methods of carrying out their crimes, in most cases they attempt to conceal their pilfered merchandise.

But that’s not always possible when the items are larger, or when the thief takes many of them, which was the case recently when a shoplifter simply loaded up a cart and walked out with four air-conditioning units.

The thefts were reported July 3 at Lowe’s, 23111 W. Outer Drive, by a loss prevention employee. She told police that the same suspect, a 23-year-old Detroit resident, had been stealing from the store for over two weeks.

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In the most recent incident, an employee witnessed the crime, which was also captured on surveillance video.

After entering the store, the man loaded four Hisense portable air conditioners onto a flat cart, then exited the store through the garden center without paying for them. Each unit was valued at $369, for a total cost of $1,476.

The name of a suspect was given to police by the loss prevention employee, who recently had discovered Lowe’s merchandise for sale on Facebook Marketplace by a person using that name. Police were unable to locate anyone by that name…  News-Herald

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