Shoplifter Pulls Knife on Employees; Employees Fight Back

A shoplifter pulled a knife on Shop ‘n Save employees when they caught him in the act on Friday, according to Pittsburgh Police.

When police arrived to the Brownsville Road location, three people were holding down the suspect, Lawrence Barren, on a table. Police gave commands to Barren to drop the knife, and Barren threw the knife onto the table.

Barren, 28 years old, allegedly stole one packet of Matador Beef Jerky, two sticks of Degree deodorant, two sticks of Axe deodorant, one stick of Axe bodyspray and a tube of Colgate toothpaste. Altogether, the items were worth exactly $32.20.

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A witness said they observed Barren stuffing the items in his bookbag. When the witness approached Barren about the shoplifting, the fight broke out. Eventually, two employees joined the fight, during which Barren apparently yelled: “I’m gonna come back and kill all of you.” Shortly after he said that, Barren revealed that he had a knife and proceeded to claim “Ima stab you,” according to the criminal complaint… KDKA2 Pittsburgh

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