Shoplifter Attacks Manager with Mountain Dew Bottle

A Sweetwater woman was arrested December 23 after she allegedly attacked two Food City employees with a Mountain Dew bottle and her fists.

Vonore Police Officer Kevin Osborne said he went to the store on Highway 411 just before 6 PM and talked to the store manager who said she was working a register when she saw a woman, later identified as Samantha Marie Click, stick something down the front of her pants.

The manager said Click then picked up a Mountain Dew bottle and paid for it. The manager told Osborne she went and asked Click if she would give her the item she’d stuck down her pants.

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Click said she hadn’t stuck anything down her pants and the manager said they could go back to an office and talk about it. Click then tried to leave and the store manager and another employee attempted to stop her.

Click then allegedly hit the store manager with the bottle several times and bit the other employee on the wrist and hit him him in the head with her fist, but they managed to keep her in the store.

Osborne said the district attorney’s office was contacted about what charges to file and Click, 25, Crestview Drive, Sweetwater, was charged with shoplifting and simple assault… The Advocate & Democrat

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