Serious Issues for Retail Brands in Antitrust Inquiry

Congress capitol building

The fact that Amazon occasionally sells stolen goods was one of the many topics brought before Jeff Bezos today at the House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing. Bezos had satisfying answers to some questions, and admitted he didn’t know about some fairly critical issues. Here’s a summary of the key issues identified for brands selling on (or to) Amazon, and what the company is likely to do about them.

1. Amazon has used seller data to launch competing private-label products.
This line of questioning was in response to a Wall Street Journal investigation in April this year where Amazon employees admitted to violating an internal policy to not use seller data to develop and launch competing products. When asked whether Amazon uses 3P seller data, Bezos answered that there are certain safeguards in place including training on an internal policy restricting this practice, but also adding that this a voluntary policy (voluntary in the sense that they have it). “No other retailer even has such a policy,” added Bezos…  Forbes

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