Sensormatic Solutions Collaborates with Unacast

Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls announced an expanded collaboration with Unacast, combining consumer mobility data with in-store traffic data to help retailers build shopper insight capabilities that span the entire path to purchase. This collaboration will provide retailers with a better understanding of how far their customers travel to stores and where they go before or after their visits, according to the company.

Helping power Sensormatic IQ, the new intelligent operating platform for retail, Unacast is a mobility and location data provider leveraging location-based mobile technology, which is contextualized to correlate activity to a location. The collaboration combines this shopper mobility data with in-store traffic and shopper behavior insights from Sensormatic Solutions Shopper Experience Solution, helping retailers create more unified experiences and execute across all channels, regardless of whether the ultimate sale happens in-store or online.

Craig Szklany
Craig Szklany

“Our collaboration with Unacast is more important than ever because it takes data integration to the next level to account for evolving shopping habits and provide retailers the necessary insights to adjust operations and customer engagement accordingly,” said Craig Szklany, Sensormatic Solutions vice president of global solutions management and marketing. “The shopping journey and pre-shopping research is a fluid process with consumers often bouncing between online and offline along the path to purchase. Our collaboration with Unacast will improve retailers’ view of shopper engagement across retail brands, ultimately allowing them to better predict customer behavior, enhance store performance, increase conversion rates, and optimize brand performance.”

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As part of the collaboration, a new suite of shopper behavior analytics offerings is introduced to empower retail decision making using shopper mobility data, providing a new level of awareness into retail visitation. The initial release implements a holistic visitation count and analytics to help guide individual store and enterprise strategy decisions. Key insights include:

  • When and how often people visit stores, rivals, and complementary destinations.
  • Visitation data at the city, state, national, or regional level.
  • Year-over-year store location visitation patterns.

“We’ve found that consumers are increasingly shopping across multiple different methods from online or mobile devices to visits to a physical store,” said Thomas Walle, CEO and co-founder of Unacast. “This means retailers must adequately and holistically plan, strategize, and execute across all channels, and our collaboration can help retailers provide a seamless shopping experience, regardless of where the sale occurs.”

To learn more how Sensormatic and Unacast can improve the shopper journey, click here.

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