Sensormatic Announces New Shrink Visibility Offering to Combat an Increase in Retail Theft

Sensormatic Solutions is streamlining its store shrink visibility offering globally to combat recent increases in shoplifting, internal theft, and organized crime across retail enterprises.

This new offering combines RFID-enabled detection systems and Electronic Product Code (EPC) item-level data with Sensormatic IQ. Together these systems unify diverse data and insights through a new intelligent operating platform to drive improved shopper experiences and retail outcomes.

In-store shopping is recovering with increased consumer confidence, but according to the US Department of Labor, there are 965,000 open retail jobs, creating a challenging environment for retailers that makes theft and fraud easier.

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Craig Szklany
Craig Szklany

“Sensormatic Solutions’ new offering helps retailers address the record levels of shrink and fraud, as they face a perfect storm of increased foot traffic and a labor shortage, along with continuing economic challenges and the anonymity of face coverings,” said Craig Szklany, Sensormatic Solutions VP of global solutions management and marketing.

As consumer expectations change and shoppers become more accustomed to the accessibility of online shopping and fulfilment options like buy-online, pick-up-in-store (BOPIS), retailers can successfully navigate increasing in-store traffic by having the right merchandise in the right place at the right time offering unified commerce across all channels.

With inventory and shopper behavior insights from Sensormatic IQ helping retailers create positive interactions with consumers, they can now understand what, when and how specific items go missing in real-time with integrated shrink visibility offerings. These actionable insights provide a new perspective of loss events across the enterprise and allow retailers to target shrink mitigation efforts more precisely while still delivering a frictionless experience for shoppers.

“Retailers are battling with multiple data sets across their enterprises and are unable to get the insights needed to positively impact operations and their bottom line,” remarked Szklany. “Sensormatic Solutions’ shrink visibility offering, our RFID-enabled solutions and EPC item-level merchandise data combines shrink event intelligence with the AI computing capabilities of Sensormatic IQ to help retailers curate complex data sets and turn predictive insights into enterprise-wide shrink visibility that offers clear actionable outcomes.”

To power the necessary data insights for effective loss prevention, RFID is a critical part of anti-shoplifting exit solutions. Sensormatic has long been at the cutting edge of electronic article surveillance (EAS), or systems and sensors designed to protect assets, with a portfolio of scalable and customizable shrink visibility offerings2 to meet the needs of store environments including Synergy solutions, concealed detection solutions, and surveillance zones. These solutions reveal item-level insights into stolen merchandise to help retailers react effectively to loss conditions.

Sensormatic Solution’s latest shrink visibility offering, the RFID Overhead 360°, developed in collaboration with Impinj®, a leading RAIN RFID provider and Internet of Things pioneer, delivers storefront visibility performance with elegance and versatility to complement any store décor. The RFID Overhead 360° helps provide retailers with highly accurate item-level loss event visibility while reducing nuisance alarms and prioritizing real-time actionable alerts. When combined with TrueVUE shrink visibility analytics, retailers can gain an enhanced understanding of loss events at the storefront and help target shrink mitigation efforts more precisely.

Sensormatic Solutions is a vital component of Johnson Controls OpenBlue technologies and innovations which leverage big data and AI to optimize healthy buildings. No matter where a retailer is on their own digital transformation journey, Sensormatic IQ provides the technology retailers need to digitize in-store engagements and enhance customer experiences.

To learn how retailers can take shrink management to the next level with Sensormatic Solutions, download the comprehensive Sensormatic IQ brochure.

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