Senseon Cabinet Locking System Expansion Brings High-End Retailers New Loss Prevention Options

New additions to the Senseon Secure Access Control System broaden the ability of this keyless, cabinet-level, electronic locking system to help high-end and consumer electronics retailers both improve loss prevention and enhance the customer experience.

“Designers and operators of retail jewelry, boutique, and consumer electronics stores face a two-pronged dilemma: protecting merchandise and having products available for customers to touch and feel,” said Senseon Solutions Marketing Director Greg Rewers. “In response to their needs, we have expanded Senseon into a more adaptable and effective electronic locking system for protecting merchandise in cabinets and making it easily available for staff to create a superior shopping experience for customers.”

Rewers added: “Building on more than half a century of trusted experience and patented technology, our new products offer innovative ways for jewelry, consumer electronics, and boutique retailers to take advantage of the benefits of in-store shopping. Retailers can now have peace of mind when displaying high-value merchandise like necklaces, watches, and smartphones on the sales floor. This gives retailers the benefit of flexibility and closes the sales cycles to retain customers and enhance their overall experience.”

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A highlight of Senseon’s latest offerings is a highly functional electronic lock (5EL) that is reportedly ideal for securing and releasing sliding doors in display cases. The lock works with doors of glass, wood or any other material. The 5EL can be easily concealed into virtually any
design in a number of ways.

Senseon locks are reportedly up to 400 percent stronger than traditional, mechanical locks. Yet Senseon locks are invisible to customers and thieves, enabling sleek furniture design.

Retailers with existing cabinets and fixtures can also benefit from the Senseon electronic locking system. The new 10EL side-mount drawer catch enables existing cabinetry with drawer slides with at least a half-inch profile to be retrofitted for a Senseon upgrade.

Also new at Senseon are:

  • 3135ECEL: A hidden, commercial grade undermount drawer slide with integrated electronic lock with easy-close
  • 38TREL: A side-mount drawer slide with integrated electronic lock and touch-release feature.

Introduced by Accuride International in September 2016, Senseon uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and patented locking technology to transform how commercial establishments safeguard and manage access to contents in cabinets, improving security and risk management procedures.

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