Sennco Solutions’ New Genesis Wireless Point of Sale Security Alarm System

Sennco Solutions has reportedly introduced the first and only wireless point of sale security alarm with data analytics.

Sennco Solutions offers technology that will change the way retailers and OEMs do business. The wireless technology for security is only a small part in the new product line. Analytics, which is the future in so many industries, is a unique and distinct competitive advantage that will revolutionize the entire industry.

The Genesis Wireless System is the ideal solution for experience-driven retail environments. The Genesis system was designed so that customers can truly experience products freely without the limitation of security measures. Customers can hold the product in their hands, fit phones in their pocket, and even walk to another display for product to product comparisons. While empowering customers with the perfect retail experience, merchants can collect time and date stamped analytics showing the daily interactions per product with the Genesis Data Analytics.

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The Genesis Wireless system uses a patented proximity detection technique based on using multiple wireless frequencies and antennas to measure the distance from the display to the security devices in any direction and any orientation. Walls, floors, people, shelves and other objects in the environment will not affect accuracy.

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