Sennco Solutions Introduces Wireless Security Platform with Data Analytics

Sennco has recently introduced a new wireless security platform with comprehensive data analytics. The new solution – Genesis – was reportedly designed to provide the ultimate customer experience while maintaining a high level of security and equipping the decision makers with powerful data analytics.

In retail, modern-day loyalty is fashioned by creating a relevant and personally tailored experience for customers. This is done by providing consumers a distinct in-store experience and by anticipating what consumers want before they know it themselves. Genesis provides retailers the capability to create personalized experiences for their customers by enabling them to “test drive” the products without security restrictions, thereby allowing the merchandise to be the star of the experience.

“In my opinion, the secret sauce of your approach is the ability to collect behavioral analytics in real environments, in real-time and at scale,” said John Burry, senior manager IoT and mobile solutions architect specialist at Amazon Web Services of the Genesis platform. “In my position, I have the honor of seeing a lot of great ideas and very smart approaches to solving problems. Sennco’s system is one of those few that make me reflect on the big-picture implications for what you’ve built and the wealth of value in the new data that you can provide to your customers.”

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Sennco’s solution reportedly provides a corporate advantage with comprehensive data analytics. In retail, data analytics is used to forecast consumer demand, identify competitive pricing, optimize marketing spend, predict trends, and gain valuable insight into the mind of the consumer. Genesis allows retailers to uphold a standard of excellence in their customer experience by continually providing them with these insights.

Sennco Solutions will be attending EuroShop March 5–9 in Dusseldorf, Germany. There, the company will demonstrate the capabilities of the Genesis platform, as well as the complete Legacy Line, which consists of time-tested Cordwinders and cable ends, alarms and sensors, and power and alarm solutions.

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