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The Investment in Your Security Is Only as Good as the Security of Your Keys

Retail management grows more complex every day. From pressure for sales and profit growth, to customer satisfaction, supply line management, personnel and environmental safety requirements and security concerns, and operations, loss prevention managers have never before had such a range of responsibilities. Unfortunately, success in one area is often achieved at the expense of another.

This is most obvious in many of the measures impacted by the vigorous and appropriate push to control retail shrink. Overzealous attempts to secure merchandise make it more difficult for associates to access the same, ultimately resulting in a negative impact on customer satisfaction and sales. Not enough control ultimately leads to increased shrink that is typically driven by internal theft—a result of every associate having improper access to valuable merchandise. All of this is fueled by the dizzying pace of associate turnover.

Key control and management are an often overlooked but integral part of any security system or policy. Ultimately, an investment in a security program is only as good as the security of the keys or credentials used in the system.

Even at sites where doors are controlled by electronic access control systems, such as push-button or keypad locks, and employee badges or card readers, keys are still required for many other openings, such as storage units, inventory control cages, showcases, cabinets, and equipment.

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Improve Security and Increase Efficiency

What happens when one of those keys goes missing? How do you know who used the key last and never returned it? How much personnel time is spent tracking down keys or searching for a supervisor to gain access to a key, or distributing keys? What if you could improve operational efficiency daily by keeping keys in one secure location that only authorized individuals can access, and that do not require an administrator? What if you had instant notification and visibility of who accessed which keys and when, and whether or not they were returned?

Medeco Intelligent Key Control systemThe Medeco IKC—Intelligent Key Cabinet—is a key management system ideal for keys and other assets that require a high level of security and accountability. A complete storage and control solution, the IKC is an electronically controlled steel cabinet that restricts access to keys, and can only be opened by authorized personnel using PIN, biometric fingerprint, or Prox Card authentication (optional). The IKC electronically keeps a record of key removals and returns—by whom and when. Exclusive iFob technology allows storage of all types of keys.

Visibility and Accountability

The Intelligent Key Cabinet provides complete operational intelligence on key access and usage. Consider the following benefits:

  • Medeco Intelligent Key CabinetAccountability. Complete audit trail and reporting by users and key activities ensure user accountability and reduces lost keys. Fewer lost keys lead to lower expenses and improved security.
  • Analytics. Complete reporting suite provides multiple reporting options creating real-time data. Reports can be automatically generated and sent to multiple users by email or SMS text. Custom reports can be configured and exported to Microsoft Excel for added convenience.
  • Security. Only authorized users can access the electronic key management system. Customizable user access groups allow for tighter control of higher security keys. Biometric fingerprints, PINs, and/or Prox Card authentication allow access for added security and control. The IKC supports dual authentication, if desired. For added security, IKC captures a digital photo upon each user log in.
  • Medeco Intelligent Key CabinetConvenience. Allows employees to retrieve keys without waiting for a manager to provide access. Quick, easy-to-use software shows which keys are being used, and to whom they are issued. Flashing LEDs indicate which keys have been checked out. The IKC system allows the return of any key to any location in the cabinet, and then learns the key’s new location.
  • Productivity. No more searching for or replacing lost keys—always know who took which key, when.
  • Efficiency. The IKC improves employee and management efficiency while increasing accountability, which translates into a more secure facility with lower operating costs.

The IKC offers multiple features to meet any need:

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  • Available in thirty-two and sixty-four port sizes
  • Add-on cabinets allow capacity to grow with your business needs
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Built-in LCD screen for ID input
  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • SMS alert messages
  • Email alert messages
  • Camera for security photo capture
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Emergency fob release system
  • Multisystem networking
  • Medeco high-security mechanical lock for manual override
  • Optional smart card reader and stand

The Intelligent Key cabinet is an integral part of any key control and loss prevention program. More than just a way to store keys, IKC is a business tool that can lead to a substantial return on investment in increased security and productivity.

Visit to learn more and watch a video overview of the powerful security behind the IKC.

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