Security Career Opportunities Perceived to Be Growing, Says New Poll from Security Executive Council

Security practitioners perceive career opportunities within security to be holding steady or increasing, according to a new poll conducted by the Security Executive Council.

“Since we work daily with practitioners, we regularly hear gripes about security positions, and we are witness to turnover – self-chosen or not,” said Kathleen Kotwica, EVP and chief knowledge strategist for the Security Executive Council. “However, surprisingly, a relatively low number of participants (22 percent) felt security career options were decreasing. This is good news, but it may be related to a specific demographic.”

Kotwica points out that since the quick poll does not collect titles of respondents, it’s possible that, for instance, those in executive risk positions perceive options to be decreasing while those in cyber security positions find it increasing.

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The Security Barometer quick poll, conducted in February, also found that 100 percent of respondents currently employed in the security realm were satisfied with their current career or looking to move up within the field. None were looking for opportunities outside of security.

Full results of the poll are posted at

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