Securitas Launches Securitas Future Lab Online

Security is changing and so is Securitas. The company is changing to better serve its customers and innovating to put technology to the best use possible. To Securitas, this also means opening up, putting innovation on the outside instead of the inside and showcasing ideas rather than hiding them away.

This is why the company created Securitas Future Lab, – a collection of the best thinking and new concepts from every corner of Securitas’ global organization. Some of these ideas and concepts already exist, while others are still in their infancy. Securitas wants to share its ideas with the world, with customers, partners and the industry at large, because ideas always grow and improve when they are shared and discussed.

Securitas will regularly publish new ideas and stories on the Future Lab website, Readers can subscribe so they don’t miss any news. To start with, Securitas has published stories about the security officer of tomorrow and how technology will positively affect the important work a security officer is doing. There are also stories about how drones can support the security services delivered to the customers.

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Securitas is also updating its brand concept and visual design to a more modern, bold, and vivid look. This will be realized and implemented in the organization worldwide during the coming months.

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