Second Quarter Cargo Thefts Mostly Flat Year-over-Year

Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard recorded a total of 144 cargo thefts in the United States during the second quarter of the year, according to a report released this week by the firm.

The average loss value for the recorded thefts was $118,496 with one theft worth more than $1 million. The firm says the numbers represent less than a 1% decrease in volume and a 34% decrease in value when compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Food and drinks were the most-stolen commodities during 2019’s second quarter, according to the firm’s records, making up 27% of all recorded thefts. Home and garden products were second on the list, accounting for 15% of total thefts.

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California continues its hold as the top state for cargo thefts in the second quarter. The state accounted for 21% of all thefts in the country, followed by Florida with 13% of all thefts. Texas (12%), Illinois (7%) and Tennessee (6%) rounded out the top five states with the most thefts.

Theft of full truckload was the most prevalent method of theft in the second quarter, accounting for 60% of all reported thefts with an average loss value of $109,944. The firm says this is a 20% decrease in volume and 41% decrease in value from… Commercial Carrier Journal