Meet the Scorpion: The Self-Retracting Alarming Package Wrap

Have you ever had to untangle and rewind a box full of wire package wraps?  It is tedious and frustrating for the person awarded that task.  What if that task was no longer necessary? That labor cost can be used elsewhere!  The Scorpion, an alarming package wrap/EAS tag, will save your team time and money, with its self-retracting cables and replaceable components.

Here are some comments gathered from the Loss Prevention Research Council team as they interviewed associates regarding the wind-up wraps:

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  • “Compared to the other wrap the Scorpion is easier to take off”,
  • “The old wrap hurt my finger sometimes, this one doesn’t.”
  • “The other wrap takes too long, and customers get aggravated. The Scorpion is just easier.”

When using the Scorpion, there will be no more tangled wires!  The 7-strand poly- coated flexible stainless steel cables are auto-retracting, recoiling back into the housing, with no winding or untangling necessary. From the moment you remove the wrap from the package, the cables will self-retract to become a compact and tidy tag.

The Scorpion is an EAS tag available with 2-alarm or 3-alarm functionality. The first 2 alarms are dual frequency, with the 3rd alarm (self-alarm) customized to your preference of AM or RF, so it will continue to alarm out the door and into the parking lot.

The Scorpion is also a customizable wire wrap. There are two sizes of the Scorpion at this time: Small and large.  The auto- retractor will automatically wind the cable for you as soon as you let the top and bottom come together.  Whether using a cabled net for soft goods, the optional expandable rings for placement on baby formula cans, or increasing the cable length to as much as 72″ for those big boxes of bedding and electronics, the Scorpion can be made to fit your needs.

Available in dual frequency 2-alarm or add an additional AM or RF alarm to make it self- alarm as it passes through your pedestals and out the door into the parking lot, still alarming at 98 dBl.

You can see the Scorpion in action at LPRC Impact, Oct. 2-4 at booth #111. Come visit us and test it out for yourself.

For more information regarding the Scorpion alarming package wrap, please visit, contact us at 772-287-7999 or email

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