Salient Launches New Security Platform

Salient Systems Corporation recently announced the launch of its new CompleteView 20/20 Video Management Solution.

With Salient’s robust and flexible UI, users can reportedly manage and administer enterprise security solutions up to 30 percent faster. Superior command and control tools, seamless third-party integrations, and advanced analytics enable Salient’s comprehensive management solution to meet security needs—today and tomorrow.

The solution offers:

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  • GeoView—supports both satellite and image-based maps to provide flexible map management
  • Auto Map Switching—enables operators to switch a camera and map view in relation to the monitored facility
  • Custom Tabs—creates tabs for individual cameras and view layouts for instant access
  • Global Text Search—instant key word search of events, cameras, views and servers
  • Advantaged Remote Investigations—accelerated playback and search
  • Advanced Video Analytics—AI-based video synopsis

“We are pleased to offer this sophisticated and powerful security solution. Our commitment to our customers will enable them to benefit from a truly unified, open architecture platform and to take advantage of the latest in video technology innovations,” said Chris Meiter, president of Salient Systems. “True to our corporate history, we continue to provide flexible and user-friendly software, open access, integration and interoperability with comprehensive support.”

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