Robber’s Ban from Stores Upheld

A man ordered to stay away from all Family Dollar stores in Marion County after his robbery conviction could not convince the Indiana Court of Appeals that his probation order was overly broad.

In July 2018, Deondre Langston was arrested after robbing a Family Dollar store in Indianapolis during business hours. Brandishing a knife, he threatened to kill store employees who tried to be a “hero” and stop him. Langston left the store with a bag of stolen items from the store and a cart full of laundry detergent.

When Langston was later apprehended by law enforcement, he told them, “No matter how many times I get caught, I’m gonna go steal. That’s what I do. You can give me 20 years in prison, I’m gonna go steal when I get out.” He was subsequently charged with level 3 felony robbery. While incarcerated awaiting disposition of that charge, Langston racked up another for Level 5 felony count… The Indiana Lawyer

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