Ritron Quick Assist Shopper Call Button Instantly Notifies

A growing list of challenges have forced retailers of every size and genre to move more merchandise from shelves to locked cases. It is understandable that store managers and loss prevention professionals have taken these measures to keep product and profits from walking away. But if the customer, who wants to purchase a product, can’t get to it or find a store associate to retrieve it, isn’t that the same result? No one is buying anything.

The Ritron Quick Assist Shopper Call Button (RQA) instantly notifies store associates when customers need merchandise from locked cases. When the button is pressed, a department “location” message is instantly sent to an associate’s two-way radio (walkie-talkie). The call button uses commercial-grade two-way radio technology, not Wi-Fi technology or the Wi-Fi network. This means deployment is fast and easy, with almost no installation costs, no residual monthly subscriptions, and no IT network security concerns.

The RQA can be programmed to work with a store’s existing walkie-talkie radio. The RQA is wireless and battery-operated, eliminating the need to install conduit or wiring. The RQA will even notify you when the batteries are getting low, so the maintenance cost is the price of 6-AA batteries.

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The Ritron Quick Assist Shopper Call Button is used in thousands of retail centers by many of the world’s largest retailers to deliver quick and reliable customer service while helping stores reduce shrink.

The Ritron Quick Assist is designed and manufactured in the US and supported by Ritron’s Customer Service and Repair department located in Carmel, Indiana.

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