Leading-Edge LP: Tackling Theft and Fraud Through RFID, Video Surveillance, and More

Retail theft is on the rise, and it is time for companies to take action to minimize losses and protect their bottom lines. How can retailers tackle theft, fraud and other shrink risks and alleviate customers’ concerns about shopping in their stores?

Many retail companies are turning to technology for the answers. We explore the applications and benefits of five current and future technologies that are driving leading-edge loss prevention in retail, including radio-frequency identification (RFID), video surveillance and generative AI (artificial intelligence).

This report is sponsored by Sensormatic, a global leader in retail systems, including RFID, electronic article surveillance (EAS), anti-theft tags and labels, detachers, inventory management and retail traffic solutions.

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This report is part of our ongoing RetailTech report series, which provides continued coverage of major technologies in retail.

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