Retail Has Active Shooter Plans, But Training Hurt by Turnover

Most retailers have plans in place to deal with an active shooter, like the one that terrorized a Walmart Inc. store this past weekend in El Paso, Texas. But a hot job market has hit worker retention rates, making it harder to ensure that every employee has had the proper training.

“The majority have a plan, but the turnover in a store with any retailer is high,” said Pat Murphy, president of LPT Security Consulting in Houston. “The employee gets bombarded on their first day with a bunch of training material and how often that’s revisited, who knows?”

While most Americans grow up learning how to react to a fire — stop, drop and roll — active shooter response isn’t as instinctual, said Greg Shaffer, founder of Shaffer Security Group and a former member of the FBI. Today, active shooters present… Claims Journal

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