Replace Regular Glass with Anti-Smash-and-Grab Glass

Huntington Beach, California-based Riot Glass, LLC has launched its Gen II series unbreakable glass for retailers. Increased clarity and varying levels of security are just a few of the new features available from the Riot Glass brand.

ArmorPlast panels have the look and feel of regular tempered glass but there is one major difference. ArmorPlast is virtually unbreakable and has been proven in both laboratory and real life scenarios to withstand high-force attacks with heavy tools such as sledgehammers and battering rams.

One of the more notable features is the patented framing which is essential to holding the panel in the existing storefront. Simply swapping the glass for an ArmorPlast panel is not enough because standard storefront doors and windows are held in merely by compression stops, or snap-in framing components which can fail in a heavy attack. The ArmorPlast framing acts as a framing stiffener and has a deep pocket to capture the glass, holding it steadfastly in place, even when an attacker focuses on the more vulnerable corners of a window or door.

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Until now, there has never been a viable security glass solution for large spans of glass without metal mullions, or the common aluminum framing dividers. Riot Glass specializes in custom fabrication for these openings, including their point-supported system for an all-glass look. Now architects have options for attaining optimal views and daylighting without sacrificing or compromising security requirements. There are varying levels of security that can be obtained ranging from forced entry to bullet resistance.

Security window films and standard laminated security glass are no longer viable solutions for severe attacks. These measures can be punctured relatively easily, and attackers can reach in and manipulate locks or panic egress hardware, gaining access to a building in seconds. Riot Glass products are designed specifically to thwart these attacks, protecting merchandise and giving occupants valuable time to react.

Whether you are a retailer wanting to mitigate forced entry or a school seeking active threat protection, Riot Glass has solutions that can be tailored for your properties.

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