Reentry Solutions for Businesses Preparing to Reopen after COVID-19

Security and network solutions support safety of employees, customers, and workspaces

Vector Security Networks provides solutions to help ensure the safety, security, and wellness of employees, customers, and workspaces, while adhering to government regulations and new requirements as multi-site businesses begin reentry into a “new normal” stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic,

Michael Grady
Michael Grady

“The COVID-19 pandemic will drive short- and long-term disruption in our lives and in our organizations even after the initial outbreak has been contained,” said Michael Grady, executive vice president for Vector Security Networks. “Preparing for reentry into the ‘new normal’ will be an overwhelming task, with numerous decisions that businesses need to make along the way…but Vector Security Networks can help.”

Vector Security Networks’ reentry solutions address three critical areas:

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  1. Ensuring buildings are safe, secure, and ready.
  2. Creating and monitoring effective guidelines and adjustments to workspaces.
  3. Promoting the health and wellness of employees and customers.

Safe Work Environment and Compliance Solutions

To help companies address new restrictions, new people needs, and changing customer expectations, Vector Security Networks partners with its clients to design and execute customized solutions that include:

  • People counting for occupancy load management. Effectively manage space for optimal social distancing requirements and occupancy levels. Leverage video analytics and real-time information to estimate in-store traffic and people patterns.
  • People temperature measurement. Thermal cameras detect elevated body temperatures and identify at-risk individuals.
  • Contactless entry. Non-contact door release and fully cloud-based credential issuance.
  • Access control. Eliminate keys/keypads and run contact tracing reports to identify people who may have used the same door(s) as an infected person.
  • Site reporting. Manage store schedules and compliance with corporate protocols and policies, as well as local regulations.
  • Smart audio and video. Network connected speakers and monitors deliver automated, customizable messaging to keep people informed.
  • Video monitoring. Look in on stores to verify safe working rules are being followed.
  • Environmental controls. Smart thermostats, water and temperature sensors assist with changing occupancy.
  • Wireless broadband solution. Deploy easy to set up work-from-home networks for your employees.
  • SD-WAN. A cost-effective network connection that’s high speed, reliable, and works well with critical applications.

For more information about how Vector Security Networks’ reentry solutions can help your business navigate the “new normal” click here.

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