QMI Launches New High-security Door System

QMI Security Solutions recently developed a retrofitting, heavy-duty, high-security commercial steel door system. The High-security Exit Door is a turnkey solution that provides commercial door protection for jewelry stores, pawn shops, liquor stores, electronic stores, gas stations, pharmacies, cannabis dispensaries, and more.

Features of the door include active anti-cut assemblies, integrated anti-drill plates, an interlocking astragal and continuous hinge, and a five-point locking system. The patent pending active anti-cut technology prevents both electric and gas-powered circular and reciprocating saw attacks—security literally recovers and resets between cuts. Door stiffness is also enhanced. The integrated anti-drill plates defend against drill breaches; these high-security drill plates are bonded and fastened to the
interior door face, serving as a barrier to steel or cobalt drill bits and hole saw attacks.

An interlocking astragal protects the exterior door edges from pry attacks, and a stainless steel continuous hinge is through-bolted through the pre-existing frame for maximum hinge side security and easy retrofit.

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Many retail locations use locked bars, frame bolts, padlocks, floor bolts, or chains to secure their back doors—which are all not only illegal, but unsafe, leaving the back of the store vulnerable to criminal attacks. These options not only compromise employees, but also first responders who might need to use that exit during a fire or other call out.

The cost of the door includes a site visit to measure and assess existing door handling and accessories. For new construction, customers should select the handing and other accessories desired.

Freight and tax will be added as required for each job site. Installation is typically completed in four hours or less during standard business hours. An electrician may be required for certain alarm conditions or door options, supplied by others.

Options include a delayed egress with alarm, external key card access, and external keyed lock with breakaway handle. Custom sizes and colors are available to meet opening requirements. Double doors are also available.

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