Profitect: Research Indicates Prescriptive Analytics is Replacing Exception-Based Reporting (EBR)

More and more leading retailers are replacing their EBR tools with Profitect for Loss Prevention. Profitect’s prescriptive analytics adds real intelligence and execution to EBR. Many claims have been made, but only one can deliver on the promise.

Prescriptive analytics uses machine learning algorithms and pattern detection, rather than mere exception reporting to identify opportunities for improvement. A highly configurable command and control center allows retailers to detect shrink, fraud, and other areas of profit loss. Whether point of sale, inventory, or supply chain, Profitect delivers measurable results.

Purchase a system that makes efficient use of your resources by eliminating false positives, delivering information in plain language with clear actions to the right person, at the right time.

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Since 2012, Profitect has helped leading retailers identify, resolve, and measure opportunities for improvement. Contact us today or come by booth #618 to learn how to immediately load your data and start reaping the benefits!

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