Probation for Mom Who Used Her Children to Help Shoplift

A Waco woman has been assessed five years deferred adjudication probation on a charge of exploitation of a child after being arrested for using her three children to assist in shoplifting items from a store.

Lisa Rios was also given no fine and not required to do any community service following her sentencing in 19th District Court.

Rios was arrested in August 2017, accused of entering a convenience store at 1116 West Waco Drive with three children, with two girls each carrying large women’s purses. The arrest affidavit filed at the time stated Rios walkied around the store pointing out items for the oldest girl to put in her purse, with the other two girls also selecting items.

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The papers filed with the court quote the investigating officer as saying Rios eventually went to the counter to act as if she were buying some other items, thus distracting the clerk while the children left. After her arrest, she posted $5000 bond and was released from jail…  Fox44 News

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